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Notizie dall'Ufficio Career Service


Purpose of the Position


The ICC is offering the opportunity for students undertaking a Bachelor or Master’s degree program to contribute to the investigation and analysis of the ‘blockchain technology’ as a tool to verify existing training resources and credentials as well as to create brand new certificates and badges.


Organizational Setting and Reporting:


Interns work five days per week (40 hours) under the supervision of a staff member




• Study and analyze current application of the blockchain technology in learning with specific reference to the ICT learning environment


• Contribute to analyze current trends in the verification of digital training resources


• Contribute to evaluate current status and to identify possible development of the Quality Assurance work as a service in the ICT learning environment


• Investigate and test possibility for the ICC to create its own certificates on the blockchain

At the end of the assignment, the Intern is required to write a short report on his/her Internship experience”

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